iQues understands that application deployment is one of the more significant challenges your IT organization faces. The complexities, volume and urgency surrounding deployments is increasing. As a result, you may now be responsible for preparing and deploying more software than ever before, with increasing requirements for customization, standardization, and efficiency.

To ensure swift and successful deployments, organizations are turning to Custom Application Scripting solutions for the considerable ease of installation, support, and consistency they offer. What are the potential benefits of using our Custom Scripting Solutions to prepare your applications for deployment?

  • Immediate and long-term return on investment
  • Reduction in application installation/deployment time of up to 60%
  • Extremely short packaging times
  • Dramatic reductions in conflict resolution and testing times
  • Lower failure rates
  • Lower help desk call volume

From its inception, our Custom Scripting methodology has provided unprecedented value to corporations who need a comprehensive, technologically advanced solution. Exclusive quality assurance technology and processes ensure your applications are reliable, repeatable and dependable. Applications are properly repackaged, customized, checked for conflicts, validated and tested in a development environment prior to installation.

Unsuccessful and time-consuming software deployments are extremely costly to an organization. By using our proven methodology, your application packaging/deployment efforts can be drastically reduced.

iQues’ experienced application scripting engineers can assist your organization with customizing application installations, creating specialized GUI-based administration tools and developing application scripting/install standards. When you standardize your deployment techniques you’ll ensure consistent, reproducible and reliable results. You’ll also lower overall TCO by reducing IT support costs and troubleshooting efforts.

Citrix Application Deployments

In the on-demand world, reliable access to applications and information is essential. As a leading server-based computing integrator, iQues has unparalleled skill in designing Citrix-based application delivery solutions, including deployments of virtualized applications. With numerous implementations encompassing both developmental and business-critical applications, our expertise and commitment to our clients is unmatched. Our vast experience across a span of industries has put us in the unique position of being proficient in various market-specific regulations, including FDA, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Therefore, iQues’ proven Citrix deployment methodologies are versatile and fully adaptable to meet your individual needs.

iQues delivers expert Citrix consulting services that you can depend on including:

  • Infrastructure Assessment • Application Virtualization
  • Application Scalability Testing
  • Performance Optimization
  • Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery
  • On-Site/Off-Site Management and Support
  • Architecture Design
  • Secure Web Delivery

Our Citrix Certified Integration team will work with you to ensure that any solution will be entirely aligned with your strategic business directives, regardless of size or scope. An iQues complete Citrix solution will give your staff the ability to better focus their efforts on the critical tasks required by your business, and not on the annoyances of day-to-day support.