iQues Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR) is a next-generation, managed security service that helps you stay protected from active security threats. We monitor your entire environment, on a 24×7 basis, from our overseas Security Operations Center (SOC), providing constant vigilance and in-depth analysis.

Our fully managed threat detection and response solution augments and enhances your existing security operations, working to identify and mitigate threats before they can affect your business. This helps you to proactively defend against sophisticated threats that traditional security solutions alone cannot detect.

iQues combines highly skilled and agile people, threat intelligence, analytics, specific technology and processes into a unified, comprehensive, efficient and continually evolving solution that helps to ensure end-to-end security monitoring and threat detection.

  • People – Our skilled experts have a deep understanding of security, data science, and forensic security investigation, all enabled by our DevSecOps resources. They can effectively manipulate the collected data and telemetry to identify real, confirmed threats and respond, in an automated fashion, using tools customized for the client’s environment. 
  • Threat Intelligence – By using threat intelligence feeds from accredited sources, we provide a proactive service based on customer needs. Depending on these specifics, we choose from different source feeds, such as: reputation data, malware data, command and controller data and also denials of service attack data. 
  • Analytics – The iQues solution is built on a security analytics framework specifically developed to capture the high volumes of data necessary for uncovering unknown threats that bypass perimeter defenses. It incorporates several approaches for enhanced threat detection, ranging from traditional rules-based analytics to data science-based analytics. 
  • Technology – Collecting and processing large volumes of telemetry and metadata are significant differentiators for us. With the complete visibility into malicious network activity that our tools provide, our SOC investigators are able to deep-dive into indicators of compromise (IOC) and perform the necessary forensics to uncover the details of a data breach before, during and after the occurrence. We target collection of useful telemetry data from across your entire IT Infrastructure and endpoints, whether based in the public cloud, on premise or mobile. Machine learning algorithms are being used to automatically detect abnormal behavior patterns for all data points, providing early detection of any suspicious behavior patterns that security analysts need to be aware of. 
  • Processes – Using security-specific orchestration and automation, we are connecting together all the customer’s existing security tools in order to create powerful processes, while still allowing for strategic human insight along the way. This way, we can move faster with analysis and decisions, thus minimizing manual investigation tasks and really focus on real threats. This approach provides huge benefits for our clients’ overall security posture. 

iQues Solution Benefits Overall, the iQues Managed Monitoring, Detection and Response solution provides the following benefits: 

  • Speed: Faster detection and targeted mitigation recommendations result in reduced mean time-to-respond. We use our expertise, technology and some of the best security talent available to develop, integrate and use the tools necessary to stay ahead of persistent threats. 
  • Accuracy: Greater accuracy helps reduce false positives and ensures proper containment and actionable recommendations for remediation. Our SOC security experts and advanced technology specialists monitor your network—all day, every day. 
  • Focus: Our clients save time and resources when they only have to respond to threats confirmed in our SOC. Our solution provides increased visibility and control and helps eliminate security blind spots. Instead of chasing after security threats, you can focus on core business initiatives. 
  • Reduced Costs: Based on our extended experience with DevSecOps, we have created a culture around automation – this “Automate All You Can” attitude takes precedence as we implement, change, monitor and/or as a response to IOCs. In this manner, we obtain high efficiency in our operations which translates in a substantial reduction on overall costs to our clients. 
  • Multi-Domain Analytics Platform: Our analytics platform provides value-add to our customers beyond security operations. Whether it’s being used by the IT Infrastructure team for troubleshooting a network related event or by the Business Application team for identifying an application-specific problem, maintaining a centralized repository of system information data (Data Lake) provides tremendous benefits.